Hello, welcome to my website and I am glad that you have found your way here, despite multi-billion pages on the Internet.

I am a hard working all-rounder filmmaker, with an unprecedented passion for capturing beautiful, touching images and moments to tell a story for the audience to immense themselves with the film. I love to collaborate with other filmmakers who has an intense passion and hunger to create exciting projects.

I grew up in Gateshead, North East of England, where I had the opportunity to create my first film at school, but that ended up in disaster as I broke the school’s camera.

After that floundering start to filmmaking, I seized an opportunity to make a film through a young filmmaking course, and one thing led to the other. There are several other inspiring filmmakers all over the world that I grew up idolising, and have pushed me to blossom as a filmmaker.

Recently, I made a monumental decision to emigrate to Singapore, and I am relishing the challenges I face here, especially making my first short here in this tiny, exotic island.

I am always looking for new people to work with to develop and push my skills further, to improve myself, so please do drop me a line!


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